Women’s Ski Pioneer Makes First Tracks on the Hill and in the Sports World

“Timing in my life was really fortunate; I was the first to run a women’s ski camp, I was the first to be in big ski movies with Greg Stump, I was one of the only girls who went to the World Extreme Ski Championships in the early ’90s—I was one of the only ones invited. There weren’t other women doing what I was doing, so I ended up skiing around with the boys, which ended up being a natural progression for the women’s camps. The guys would introduce me to their girlfriends, and I would encourage them, partly because I didn’t want them to think I was chasing their boyfriends. We’d all be jumping off some cornice and the guys would be eating it, and the girls were uncomfortable with the terrain. My ego wanted to jump the cornice and spray them all with snow, but instead I said, ‘You know what, girls, follow me and we’ll take the easy line in, and if we ski under the cornice we’re going to get all of that good snow where the dudes fell and that’s the best snow on the mountain.’

Read more in Vail-Beaver Creek’s 2017 mid-winter issue … 

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